Physiotherapy for Knee Pain is an indispensable medical service which is highly recommended for those people who are suffering from knee pain. Physiotherapy also referred as physical therapy is the treatment that is given to an injured body part in order to improve its functions. Physiotherapy helps to diagnose and treat any injury or ailment and it also involves various types of therapies which improves the overall functioning of the body. Physiotherapy is the treatment that improves the general physical condition of a person. Physiotherapy for Knee Pain mainly deals with the repairing, prevention, exercise and rehabilitation of knee joint and can help to avoid future injuries and pain.

Knee pain, even mild, can cause considerable discomfort and disability. Pain can affect one’s activities of daily living and can restrict the movement of the patient. Physiotherapy for Knee Pain is the best option for all the patients suffering from any type of knee pain. The physiotherapy helps in the early identification of the injury, its causes, the nature and location of the injury, and the methods of healing. Some common reasons for knee pain are muscle strains, tendinitis, patellar subluxation, fractures and other degenerative disorders.

Several treatment options are available in Physiotherapy for Knee Pain. Manual therapy and ultrasonic therapy are common causes of pain in the knee joints. Manual therapy treatment includes extension, stretching, gravitating and ultrasound. Ultrasonic therapy involves heat, ice packs and massage. Many of the patients find a combination of these methods very helpful. Other treatment methods which are used in Physiotherapy include electrical stimulation, magnetic therapy and physical rehabilitation.

It is not possible to diagnose the cause of the knee pain on the basis of the symptoms alone. Usually a detailed history and a review of the symptoms by the physiotherapist to help in analyzing the underlying cause. The physician usually checks the condition of the patient using various techniques. The physiotherapist helps the patient by providing advice and recommending appropriate exercises and therapies. It is important that all the patient’s movements are allowed to progress without any restrictions at the physiotherapy session.

One of the most common and effective methods used in physiotherapy for knee pain relief is the use of physiotherapy exercises. These exercises are designed to strengthen the weak muscles of the leg and reduce the tension in the calf muscles and quadriceps. The exercises are beneficial for both the long and short term benefits by strengthening the weak muscles and reducing the tension in the leg muscles.

Sometimes, even after physiotherapy, patients with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or other types of knee pain are unable to get complete relief from their pain. In such cases, orthopedic surgery may be recommended. However, in majority of the cases, physiotherapy is more helpful than surgery. It is beneficial for treating the underlying cause of the pain rather than treating the symptoms of the disease.