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What We Offer?

A mobile App for personalized Physiotherapy Care!

We provide online physiotherapy consultation and complete follow up for the health issues like Knee pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain and other joints pain. After our consultation our Physiotherapist will give you access of some specific exercise which you can do at home, along with some goal settings for improvements.

Physiotherapy for
Physiotherapy forBack Pain
Lower Back Pain, Posture Problems, and other condition
Physiotherapy for
Physiotherapy forNeck Pain
Cervical Spondylosis, Neck Stiffness and other conditions.
Physiotherapy for
Physiotherapy forShoulder Pain
Frozen Shoulder and other conditions
Physiotherapy for
Physiotherapy for Knee Pain
Osteoarthritis, post surgery (Knee replacement, Ligament Tear) and other conditions.

Other Orthopedic problems

Benefits of RehabSure App

RehabSure is a rehabilitation platform that allows you to chat/ videocall with a physiotherapist, all from the comfort of your home! We aim to provide accessible, available & affordable online Rehabcare services to anyone, anytime & anywhere.

How does Online Physiotherapy  work?

What Our Clients Say


Online physiotherapy is a form of Physiotherapy treatment done over a digital platform that you can opt for from the comfort of your home, office or another part of the world where we do not have a physical location.

All you need is a Smartphone, a good internet connection, a spot to place your device, well-lit and an open space to perform your exercises.

The cost per session is less as compared to big rehabilitation centers or other online physiotherapy service providers. For more detail, download the app and check the price and offers directly there.

Most of our sessions last for about 30-45 mins and it depends on the patient and his/her condition.

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  • 500+ Exercise Videos.
  • Exercise Prescription & Goal Setting.
  • 20+ Physiotherapy Experts.

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