All you need is a Smartphone, a good internet connection, a spot to place your device, well-lit and an open space to perform your exercises.

The Fee per session is less as compared to big rehabilitation centers or other online physiotherapy service provider. You will get the information in payment section of our app.

Initially, we may offer first consultation free of cost. There will be no difference in quality of session. But there will be time limit of 30 mins.

Most of our sessions last for about 30-45 mins and it depends on the patient and his/her condition.

Yes 100%. We respect your privacy and we never share any information with other. Chat and Video call features are encrypted and the information doesn’t record on our server.

NO, our app doesn’t allow that, instead of that our app select the best therapist available to provide you the service. Don’t worry, our team is highly qualified and experienced.

Yes. You can. But you have to contact us at [email protected]

We shall refund any unused advance fees paid by You at the time of cancellation of the Service. In case You wish to seek a refund of the advance paid by You, please write to [email protected]. We will process refund of the unused amount in your bank account within 7-10 days.

If you want to refund of amount for unsatisfied service provided by the therapist may be due to technological errors like poor network/connection, unable to connect with the therapist, please write to [email protected]. We will process refund the amount or credit back to your wallet in the application, provided internal investigation confirms the claim made by you.

If we did not find any technical errors, you will not receive any refund of the therapy session already taken.